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Inti Cesar Malasquez - Son of the sun



This workshop reflects on the warrior within us. It will help us to connect with our innermost being so that we can become fearless and are able to access our love for creation and re-establish our connection and love for Mother Earth. Once we have connected with this awareness we then can transform our lives - and find our path, which we were destined to take before we actually re-incarnated on this planet.
During this workshop we forget our everyday lives and make contact with the energy of our inner warrior. Inti will lead and guide us through this process using his intuition, ancient traditional healing rituals and other shamanic techniques. He focuses on each individual enabling them to access a profound healing experience of their own.
A warrior must be fearless, watchful, respectful, strong, and self-conscious and he (she) must be connected to everything that is. He (she) will also have love for himself (herself) and of course a deep love for the world.
The ritual of the Sweat Lodge will be repeated several times. A few days of fasting and silence will become an integral part of this workshop. We will go through the process to search for a vision of our own. The sound of the Indian drums, prayers, songs and a lots of physical exercises will help us to prepare our path to become a peaceful warrior.
Being watchful and self-consciousness is the key for our inner self-development, there we will find where our real strength lies. The workshop is designed to bring us closer to our own reality.+


The shaman path of healing

Inti prefers to have a little group for this Intensive Shamanic Workshop. Indian ceremonies, prayers, physical exercises e.g. Yoga, sweat lodges and shamanic drumming will help us to prepare the path for our transformation.

We will be asked to let go of our everyday life and must dare to take a step back to find that essential part of our inner being. Inti, of course, will be our facilitator using his knowledge, love and intuition, helping us with our transformation, so we can become who we really are.


Healing - The Indian Way

Inti Cesar Malasquez is a shamanic healer, teacher and musician from Peru and he will share with us many healing techniques, ceremonies and his mystic knowledge, which he acquired from all over the world. Inti will begin his seminar with a Sweat lodge ceremony.


Indian Sweatlodge

A sweat lodge is a holy ceremony that brings forth a cleansing of the body, soul and spirit. Sweat lodges were used by ancient spiritually evolved civilisations to start off the healing process or sometimes to induce a pass over. The healing process begins when we all get involved in helping to prepare the sweat lodge. This will enable each and every one of us to make a deep inner connection with the Sweat Lodge itself. This ancient tradition allows us to die a "little death" in the womb of Mother Earth. By dying this little death" we will free ourselves from our past, and this makes us feel as if we are born again - born again in a spiritual way.
The ceremony in itself has four or five sections or partitions. Most people tolerate the heat in the sweat lodge far better than, for instance, the heat in a Sauna. Inti as usual will be helping each individual to achieve their desired transformation by accompanying us with his shamanic knowledge, his songs, his deep love that he has for Mother Earth and for each one of us.