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Inti Cesar Malasquez - Son of the sun



September 03 - 23 , 2014

JOURNEY TO Hongkong, Lhasa, Mount Kailash & Nepal


This is a journey that takes you across the Himalaya Mountains from the North to the South.  After getting our permission for Tibet we will fly from Chengdu to Lhasa, capital city of Tibet.  We will stay for 3 days in Lhasa visiting the Tibetan Buddhist Temples, Bon Temples and the Potala Palace.  We will do our preparations for our journey to Mount Kailash by 4 X 4 jeeps that we will take for two weeks over the Tibetan Plateau where we will enjoy the occasional company of Tibetan Nomads and the wild fauna.  We cross rivers, and lakes to reach our destination of Mount Kailash,
sacred to Buddhists as well as Hindu people who consider it to be the abode of Lord Shiva.  Some will walk and others can ride yak as we do the four day Kora around this sacred mountain.  On the way to Nepal we will see and feel the energy of the most spectacular, immense mountains such as Everest, Anapurna, Lao Tze and Maccha Pushari.  Nature starts to transform into a gentle paradise as we near Nepal.  All our meals are covered when we are camping.  You need to bring a good sleeping bag that is good for 15° below zero, thermal clothes and a good down jacket.  See you there.

Price:  2,980 €