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Inti Cesar Malasquez - Son of the sun

The Vision


Son of the Sun
SON OF THE SUN is a non-profit organization, which was founded by Inti in 1986 and is dedicated to teaching the esoteric knowledge of ancient cultures that know how to celebrate life and live in harmony with Mother Earth.
INTI CESAR MALASQUEZ is a spiritual teacher, healer, Shaman and a gifted musician. He was born in Peru, and has travelled the world for 38 years. He has drawn on his extensive travels learning from other healers, from his own people to Native Americans and spent 10 years in India learning with his Brahman teacher.
Now Inti travels throughout the world sharing his knowledge, celebrating and strengthening humanities deep-rooted connection to Mother Earth through his inspiring workshops, vision quests, lectures, sacred journeys, Centres and individual counselling.

This message has been told by the ancient Master of Light from the Titicaca Lake’s Temples and by the Healing Goddess of Light ‘Taki-Ami’ from Machu Picchu.
‘In time of spiritual chaos and decadence on Earth, the Warrior Spirit of light and the Goddess Taki-Ami will be incarnated in the mind and soul of people with the mission to save this planet and work to realize the mission to rebuild the Rainbow’s Temple of Brother and Sisterhood.
In this Rainbow Temple the Goddess ‘Taki-Ami’ will place the sacred crystal of pure and transparent light. It is said that this crystal was placed in one of the Temples from the seven sisters from the Pleiades. These seven rays of positive light will help to unblock all obstacles and help the energy of love in the mind and souls of Human Beings on this Earth to flow.
This sacred crystal has the power to help to reconnect, tune up and to recharge the inner light of the soul and reactivate the vortex energy of the ‘wheeling chakras’. It is said that the Divine Mother of the Universe gave to Taki-Ami the sacred crystal to bring to Earth to transform negative into positive energy and shift the energy from the Himalayas to the Andes.
This Divine incarnated spirit and her magic Crystal healing chose the Sacred Valley of the Incas ‘Urubamba’ as the place where the Rainbow’s Temple will be rebuilt and the sacred crystal will be placed.
The Rainbow’s Temple will be a school of life and spirit, where all warrior’s of light and spiritual healers will gather together to share the abundant wisdom. It will bring about reconciliation of nature and spirit and help reconnect with the Akasha, (the hard disc of human being history) and life force. A place to preserve and be ready to prepare the road for the new warrior of light who's mission will be to spread the message of light and love for this planet and to rebuild the Earth with future cities of spiritual light. These rebuilt cites of light will manifest Temples of love and light, where all beings of all creed, religion, colour and culture will migrate to recharge their soul so they can return to walk in beauty and on the right trail to find the essence of their own being.
Priestess Taki-Ami already initiated many souls on Earth and in the Cosmic realm. Taki -Ami will come to you in dreams and in visions to give you a message for your mission in life. She told us to be ready to keep the spiritual light of hope for the present and future generations. She told us that the Andes Mountains would be a witness of a development of a new future spiritual consciousness.
The Andes is the female, Goddess ‘Yin’ energy, Nature, one that nourishes her children, just as the Himalayas, Mount Kailash is the Male, God ‘Yang’ energy, the light that nourishes mankind’s souls.
Taki-Ami told us that this first Temple that is being built on the sacred Valley of Urubamba will be affected with the inflow of Cosmic energy and out flow of earthly energy. She told us that between these two currents of energy, those Masters of Light and healers from other dimensions will descend on this Earth and into the sanctuary of the City of Light with the purpose of inspiring the heart and souls of all men and women whose love and desire is to live in peace with nature and in respect with the ‘Giver of Life’ the Creator. These spirits will remind us of the already forgotten ancient wisdom, of the future.
The Centre or the City of the Future, will be built using the sacred and universal measurements, as were the pyramids of Egypt, Stonehenge and other buildings on the seven Chakras of this planet. It will be the Solar system and the pathway of all coming generations, to learn from the Master builder how to use the law of rhythm, angles, astronomy forms to rebuild symmetrically and design Temples of Light.
The Centre will be a place where you will be living life ‘here and now’ and where you learn to see the night as day and the day as night. As we live life here with our body in nature and live life ‘there’ in the cosmic with our soul, integrated into one being, connected to the divine giver of life. We will walk the path of beauty on Earth to complete our mission and reach the cycle of our souls, in this eternal wheel of life and death.