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Inti Cesar Malasquez - Son of the sun

Inti's Spiritual Centre

This Centre is based near the foothills of ‘Machu Piccu’ in Urubamba
known by the ancient Andean Master as the ‘Sacred Valley of the Incas’


Why we are building this Centre?
Because we believe this is a Centre for learning and preserving the ancient wisdom from the Native people from ’Pacha Mama, Mother Earth’. A place where people come to be healed using the natural medicine from the Amazon Rain Forest and the Andes Mountains. Where yoga, meditation, Tai Chi, Massage, Prana breathing, nutrition and Alternative medicine, will be practiced and Ceremonies will be performed linking us to the highest Spirits. We intend to help young local people to keep their hopes high teaching carpentry, stone masonry, iron art, jewellery craft, language and computer studies, free of charge.
Life there is surrounded by natural beauty, electricity, free running water and where we will cultivate our own food.
It is a centre for you, for me and for many others whose goals are to master themselves and who wish to live in balance and search for the highest knowledge and wisdom.
All religion, creed and philosophy will meet here to share, respect and love those others who are searching for the same goals, to integrate with the almighty force ‘The Great Spirit’.
The Centre will be a creative place where you will find happiness and joy and experience the correct flow of ‘Chi’ or Prana energy.
Our Centre and Our school where we share, teach and learn, creating and paving the road for our children and future generations. It is a gathering of Light Workers and a place that will welcome all people throughout the world, as together we learn how to live in balance and walk in beauty on this Earth.

City of the Future
Is Inti’s vision. This centre is the platform for this dream to be realised, built in accordance with ‘Taki-Ami.’ instructions.