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Inti Cesar Malasquez - Son of the sun


Mexico - Guatemala

March 03 - 23 , 2016


Day 01 – Arrival to Mexico City where Inti will meet you at the airport. Please note:

Your departure flight is from Cancun. Transfer to your hotel to rest.

Day 02 – After breakfast we will visit the Basillica of the Virgin of Guadalupe. Here

you can feel her loving energy and understand the mutual love between her and the

Mexican people. For the rest of the day you will explore some of Mexico City with Inti.

Day 03 – Pilgrimage to the heart chakra of Mother Earth: TEOTICHUACAN. There are

pyramids to the Sun and to the Moon. You can climb one, if you like, to get a view of

the area.

Day 04 – We will fly from Mexcio City to Tuxtla Gutierrrez. From here we will drive to

the city of San Cristobal, a lovely colonial city at an elevation of 2,121 meters, where

different native Tzotzil people, including the Chamulas and the Zinancantecs, come to

the market from their villages to sell their fine handicrafts.

Day 05 – In the morning we will visit the small Indian town of San Juan de Chamula. At

the church here the peculiar prayers that the people offer are similar to the Tibetan

Bompo in the Himalays. The afternoon is free for shopping and/or relaxing in San


Day 06 – From San Cristobal we travel for about three hours to reach Palenque where

we will stay close to the ruins.

Day 07 – Pilgrimage to Palenque.

Day 08 – Visit the beautiful waterfalls at AGUA AZUl where, surrounded by mangrove

trees and aerial roots, you can swim in the crystal clear waters near the falls and enjoy

the harmony of nature. We return to Palenque for the night.

Day 09 – Today you have the option of returning to Palenque or to Agua Azul. You can

decide in the moment.

Day 10 – We are on the road again today. This time we are traveling to Guatemala.

Our destination today is the Island of Flores on the Petén Itzá Lake.

Day 11 – Pilgrimage to Tikal, the great Mayan center, rising imposingly from the lush

Petén jungle with its great pyramid plaza.

Day 12 – Free day in Flores. There is an option of taking a boat ride on the lake or

swimming in its clean water.

Day 13 – Today we travel back to Mexico by bus; which takes us through the country of

Belize. We will spend the night Chetumal.

Day 14 – We travel today until we reach Playa del Carmen with its white sand beaches

on the Caribbean Sea.

Day 15 – Pilgrimage to Chichen Itza, a city once inhabited, at different times, by both

the Toltecs and Mayans. There we will see the feathered serpent, Kulkulkan, which

appears on the sacred pyramid during the spring and fall equinoxes. This trip coincides

with the Spring Equinox. We return to Playa de Carmen in the late afternoon.

Days 16 – 20 – Time to enjoy the beach, visit the ruins in Tulum and its quiet beach and

if you like, you can swim with the dolphins (this expense you need pay yourself).

Day 21 – Travel from Playa de Carmen to Cancun for your flight home.


Cost: 2,640 Euros per person plus you need to purchase your airplane ticket from

Mexico City to Tuxtla Gutierrez for the 10th of March.  Please get the following flight:  Interjet flight number

2601. It leaves Mexico City at 10:55 am and arrives in Tuxtla Gutierrez at 12:20 noon.

The Tuxtla Gutierrez airport is TGZ. Confirm with Inti once you have purchased your


The cost includes Inti Cesar Malasquez as your guide, any ceremonies, meditation most

mornings, land transportation and the entrance fee into ruins on your first visit. Meals

are not included. Inti suggests that you take only a light jacket and not too much