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Inti Cesar Malasquez - Son of the sun



Inti is an Indian from Peru, who has extensively travelled the world. He is a Shaman, a Healer, and Musician as well as a Spiritual Teacher. Inti following his vision, travelled across South, North and Central America as well as India, gathering knowledge and wisdom that he shares with us in his workshops. He went to the rainforests of Ecuador, Columbia and Brazil where Shaman's from local tribes led him into their secrets, such as the uses of natural medicines, their applications and how they are administered. Some time later, following the call of his second vision, Inti travelled to India, where he lived for 10 years with a Brahmin family. There he studied the disciplines of Meditation, Yoga and Philosophy in great depth.

Inti spreads his message at Vision Quests, Private Sessions and Intensive Shamanic Training, Sacred Journeys (Pilgrimages) and of course through his workshops. He reminds us to appreciate the beauty of the Earth, that we are part of the Earth and Earth is not part of us. When we make the connection with Mother Earth we will find our path to make an inner connection with ourselves, and who we truly are.

Inti also learnt how to play traditional Indian music.He studied with teachers all over the world enabling him to combine all of his skills. Of course, Inti's skills are many and they vary considerably. Some were handed down from his own people, the Incas, others he acquired from the North America Indians. (He also prepares sacred medicine bags for individuals - depending on their needs.) Inti likes to share his spiritual knowledge with as many people as he can reach by travelling across the world. His mission is to remind humanity of their deep-rooted connection to Mother Earth. This is also clearly stated in his music and at his workshops.

Inti's Tapes and CD's can be purchased at concerts and workshops, or you can buy them by mail order from the organisers in most European Countries, who will be pleased to deal with your orders or enquires.
A Mexican shaman, Don Juan Carlos Castaneda´s teacher became well known in the mid-seventies. He made Western people rethink about their reality.
At the same time, Inti, an Indian man of Peru,traveled through old and new cultures, collecting knowledge and educating himself as a traveler between worlds. Following his vision he traveled through North, South and Central America and India, always looking for the secrets of human beings. Today he unifies the knowledge of these old cultures with his deep love for Mother Earth, which he brings closer to us human beings with his workshops, concerts and consultations.

We should all wonder: "What do we know about our Earth, the planet that makes our existence possible?" To the astronauts it appears as a blue jewel and shows and shows no boundaries on its continents and seas. Men decide about war and peace, borders or liberty and this is often done without consciousness. People need to develop their consciousness and take responsibility for their actions and the consequence of them.

With old healing techniques and the Indian rituals, Western people have the possibility to contact their inner needs. The sweat lodge for example, a cleaning and healing ceremony, has been used by the cultures of North and South America as well as in Northern Europe and far into the East, to start the transformation process and to regain health. It is also an important part of the "workshop of an peaceful warrior".

In the Indian world a warrior is abeing with responsibility, strength and self-awareness that is connected to all living beings and Mother Earht. Days of fasting and silence, physical training and the drumming and singing of the Indian prayers make it easier to be a peaceful warrior during the present time.

With his work Inti supports others. The school-home that founded on the Island of Amantani on Lake Titicaca, Peru, makes it possible to give nutritional meals and education to the poorest children of the region. In this project the children learn again to live with the wonders of their culture: living in harmony with nature, rotation of crops, and organic handling of the soil to save the food supply and to avoid erosion of the land as well as large migrations to the cities.

To support these and other projects Inti gives astonishing concerts. Supported by his son Manu, a virtuoso congas and his daughter, Sharda, who warms up every heart with her singing and Ganesh, who balances the sounds with his East Indian rhytms. Inti captures his listeners during his concerts into a rhythmic world that seems to be without East and West and without borders.

The melodies and the Indian songs invite you to participate, dance, drum or just close your eyes and open your heart so that you feel yourself as a world citizen for some hours.